“Show me, show me, show me…” Nadia yells eagerly in her cover shoot for My.Kali.mag, it’s in these moments that you get to see different sides of the person and learn more about, and there it was, the inner child that remained lively innocent in Nadia’s heart, you’d feel that child over instantly within each capture, it’s who she is, so vibrant, so alive and so child-like, and very unlike the images she embodies in these following pages (on which we decided on her looks and transformed her into our concept) “I never liked doing magazine work, it always feels like marketing myself as I’m some kind of a product, even though I do have the wrong projection over it, and to a certain level, I’m still doing it” she admits. So who is Nadia really? Magazines may find a clue or two, but we got the final analysis: an allure of a laid back woman, a woman of confidence and in quiescent, adding up to her un relaxed energy. Nadia is a case of humanistic revival of classical art after all. You’d get a hold of her renaissance almost right away.


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