“3 spoons please”, Nadia responds to my question on how many sugar-spills she wants in her coffee while rushing over to the kitchen in my studio to help me, dismissing the cookies in the entrée, the kid likes her coffee sweet with no sugary intrusion other than what’s in her mug! As we walked toward the room, I had a playlist for Sade playing in the background. Earlier in make-up, she pointed the fact that she adores Sade, a love we both share. “I grew up on Sade,” she says “it reminds me so much of my university days, rehearsals, theater… song ‘by your side’ is my favorite Sade” as she hummed to the song while being played. The actress is standing in my studio office admiring the new décor, as it was on a different form when we met earlier prior her outdoor shoot, “I like what you’ve done with the space,” “it’s more breezy” she adds. Odeh has arrived from a meeting she dreaded, marking the fact it was a long day and she feels like chilling, on which we did. “Is it OK to smoke in here?” Nadia coyly asks, I rush to crack a window, as she lit her cigarette, and puffed, occurring in a low speed.








The photographer’s word:
“As they say there’s always a first time for everything! And this was my first time to cooperate with My.Kali (a shoot that isn’t concerned about me at least!), stain and ruin my favorite converse shoes and also doing conceptual photography with local minds, let alone a super star like “Nadia”! It was such a great experience to be honest. The concept we worked with was something I totally relate to, while we were on set it was the three of us, three young artists who felt the same. The passion to art and productivity, the relationship with our own city was in the air and lead the shoot along with Kali’s very clear vision, Nadia’s awesome charisma and beauty in front of the camera (what else would we need?)” – Rafic


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