Amid the seductive night, the cage door was open, and it fled to the garden, it’s the one to sing at night! “Cape pulled on her tight, and we walked gently through her shadows”… On actress Nadia Odeh!

 Away from the neon glare of the metropolis and escaping into the creeps of big nature, we get saturated in the breeze of the dusk time, the storming thoughts, and dark-darings, a journey that’s reflecting a small fraction of incident light. We get lost in what’s black! The long cape, the stripes, the chiffon veil, and the dark shades have all reinvented its jaunty mood, casting away through the secret garden.”Who stole my oranges,” widows of the village ask, Nadia romances her wild side while looking for the nightbird! My.Kali praises a voyage that’s obscure.

Worded and directed by Kali, Make-up by Sumaia Sabbagh, digital artwork by Ala’a S. earnings designed by Ahmad-Jad, and photographs by Rafic



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