For her first interview ever with My.Kali.mag, not to hide, she was quite hesitant to take that kind of step in the beginning. Did she want to step back into the limelight of the present ignorance? Or does she want to be part of the new change? And not that she isn’t accepting, but more to the risk toward her career. People told her otherwise, not to go for it, to pass on it “I was determined on my choice to go through it, even though I did think it was a risk… but I want to experience this with you and I would like to see how all of this will be presented,” Nadia assures “It was different from anything I’ve done. The magazine’s concept is very inspiring, something different, and I want to see myself in a new light, and I want to see myself in your perspectives. Rafic (aka; the Enchanted Fairy) as a photographer is very talented… I was so excited for the shoot, it’s theme, and the outcome was great”, leaving herself completely to us, she’s usually un vain about her appearance, something I noticed at the shoot, where she moved around while we decided on her pauses and looks.


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