These are surprisingly mature reflections from someone so fresh-faced, but Odeh is an old soul. She always seemed older, but she’s not, she’s just wise! And as we drift from subjects on personal politics to another on religion and regional issues, she seemed to be cautious on not saying too much, on not saying something that might sound controversial, fearing it might all get back at her. But she seemed at breeze as well, confident with each answer she gave. “I’m a big believer. As a Muslim person, I feel there’s this connection between me and God; I feel like I can talk to God anytime when I need him. I always ask God to protect my family and the close people around me. The word Al-hamdoulelah is the best word ever learned and used. Through it I feel grateful, it’s such a simple word and accepting to whatever you have. I don’t believe we’re born to suffer, I feel we’re born to do our part in good in this life, to shine… and God always gives this light” she says.

But be careful of the nightbird! Nadia isn’t as closed minded as many are fooled by. She’s an open heart, an intellectual brain, and an independent opinion, freedom of speech kind of a girl actually, and always seeking to break nagging stereotypes.










“As I grew up, I learned to never judge. Today, I refuse to judge anyone, regardless of their ethnic, sexuality, religion, race, backgrounds… acceptance is something that I carry in my heart. I mean how could you judge people based on what they were born to be? But I do know acceptance isn’t for everyone, and I know we live up to our societies’ and cultural standards, and I respect that as well. I don’t shift around it, but I work through it. I believe our society still holds to a lot of taboos, and I think taboos aren’t bad. The mystery of each that unveils through time. It’s exciting” she says bluntly, knowing exactly what she’s referring to in that context.


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