Our interview is wrapping up. Crumbs of the cookies invites to handle another, perfecting the end. And ever polite she offers to help with the washings, and although I’m tempted to accept, I decided that would be too much. As she takes off the coat off her shoulders, and rather warmer outside, it occur to me that Nadia has drawn a very clear line between her identity as an actress and her identity as the usual her, Nadia the friend, Nadia the sister, and Nadia the daughter… “A lot of people confide in me, they feel safe telling me their stories and secrets and I don’t mind it. I feel when the person lets out some of things that holds in their chest they’ll be un caged, relieved… and I like being that person, I like giving that to people, and to the people close to me” Nadia says, it occurred to me, we like that person too! *


The End


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