Often, on a shoot you can’t tear away from the subject of the mirror or the monitor, they worry about each shot, each pose, and Nadia has a minor need to control “whenever the photographer gets excited on certain shots, it excites me as well, and I feel eager to sneak a peek to know how I’m doing, so I would continue what I’m told to do. I want to know that I’m doing my part right, because I would hate to fail through” she says, yet she trusts the process and does her bit beautifully “I usually hate photo shootings, I don’t know what to do, how to act and I always feel weird through them, because usually they’re very blank” Nadia says, but not with us though, playing some music, dancing around and having her do all these funny face-gestures which she thought it was hilarious “This is all so new for me, I never thought I’d be transformed into this very urban-cool image! This is fun and care-free”. And at no point did she comment on her make-up or complain about the outfit or concepts. Instead, she regaled us with tales from the set of this movie she was shooting in north Jordan, and how she fell in love with this foreign little girl that oozed with innocence, “She made me a collage with my pictures, and she gave it to me as a present while filming. I remember when I got her this kitty colors box as a gift, the first thing she did was share it with the poor girls from the village, it was so moving seeing that kind of selflessness in children, it really moves you. One day when I have a girl, I want her to be just like that.” she shares as she rubbed her arms for heat.


She says while laying it over her shoulders, pulling the wide collar toward her chest… unaware of her charm


Jordan could get chilly in April days and May’s evenings. And as it got nippy inside, she ought to borrow my dad’s 70s vintage camel coat that I arrived wearing, and was hanging over the wooden chair in the room (the one worn on the cover) “see, it looks great on you, but it looked so baggy on me. I don’t know how you pulled it off to make it look nice on me. It pops on you though” she says while laying it over her shoulders, pulling the wide collar toward her chest. And Even though she was wearing men’s clothing, she still managed to make them look so visibly feminine and ultra stylish, unaware of her charm.


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