And that’s the sort of person she is, shying away from compliments, nodding her head in approval, never dismissal but sincere and passionate. Viva magazine described her as “refreshingly real”, while JO magazine called her to be “A class act”, and she is. She’s the young and the restless, baring her soul and concealing her flesh. She’s not the flashy type, she’s not into that. I asked Nadia on how come – even though she’s an actress and appears on numerous publications and always on TV – that she doesn’t reveal that much of skin and always locked from foot to neck. (Not that it’s required or preferred) “Over the years, people have respected me for being the decent kind, I won’t reveal or over show skin in shoots or shows. So I owe it to the public to maintain that image, otherwise it would be disrespectful”. What about those roles she never got the chance to go after? Anything different from what we’re used to see her in? “I love TV ads, especially the perfume ones that are creative in production. It’s a whole act the viewer receives within minutes. They’re the ones that make you feel the scent” she concedes.

Apart of her inspiring career, I was mostly interested in her personal views toward life, toward herself, more in depth and a little under her skin. In a country like Jordan, notions toward tradition and marriage remains obligatory in the girls’ 20s. Pushing 28 and unwed can be a bit of a pill in a girl’s life. Nadia, in her early 30s, believes in her exception, and she sticks by her choice, a choice she made in the beginning of her career. “I grew up in a family that had understood my determination on being an actress; I never felt I was on a rush. My career was my path and I married it for a long time. My family respected what I had chosen and supported me and my career to which I’m grateful to,” she says “Plus, I never met the right person during that period, so I never felt I was missing on anything…”


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