We heard so many rumors about you, one is that you write down your emails in cafe’s of City Mall…
That’s a ridiculous thing! You mean that I write my received emails on paper?! Obviously these people don’t know that I’m a professional English writer, and for writers, to be able to write they need to write things on a draft, then come back in few days to edit that draft! Sometimes I read my emails, and I write my reply letters to the ladies, as a draft. And whoever told you the false rumor was right, he did see me write! I was writing a letter to the fellow government of America, so I have to put these things on paper, on draft first.

What about the one that you order 10 cups of lemon juice in a raw?
This is ridiculous! I know the Eygptian owner of Lemon cafe and he can tell you that himself, that ‘no’, Michael never did that! I’m usually picky about what I want to drink, and I’m not going to be one of those cheap people who order something for half a JD and hold the table for 20 hours, that will make the owner upset, he’ll be like ‘look at that cheap man, he’s holding the table for 20 hours and bought a merchandise worth half a JD!’. So you can tell the liars who told you that, that I never order lemon juice! I order Orange juice, turkish coffee, Ice cram, and sometimes cake but never in 10s and 20s, it will be one after the other. Unfortunately I can’t visit Lemon Cafe at the moment like I used to before… (That’s when the interview was recorded, now he’s seen more often there than Rainbow St.)

"I like the way I dress, because my future wife Dr. Natalie loves it too!... I don’t care what people say or think, I know who I am and I know why I dress the way like that, I’m very dandy!"

We see you work-out in public all the time, don’t you feel doing it privately would be better?
No! I see a lot of Americans and none Americans working out in the streets, and no one talks to them! Why when I do it people has to confront me about it?

Why do you think people are always gathered around you then? Why aren’t they gathered around other people on the street? Why Michael?
Do you know what rebuke means? I asked them many times, don’t they have cinemas in Jordan? Why don’t you go to the cinema? Why you’re gathered around me? I’m not doing something unusual, and I told Narmeen, a christian lady who was wishing to talk to me and I eventually granted her wish, I told her that people think I’m from another planet! That’s what they think!

Are you from another planet?

Are you friendly when people want to talk to you?
Yes! I try to explain that to many ignorant people! One girl named Yasmeen, a waitress at Buffalo Wings, came at night and sat with me, and was by herself without a chaperone, because people here has a rumor about me that I only speak to females, not males, and I speak to both! But when you want to talk to me, you need to be subtle, you have to have eloquence. I don’t like it when someone comes up to me and think he’s FBI or a detective and ask me a lot of questions. If you want to talk to to me, you need to have manners and be polite, but remember, there’s a lot who wants to talk to me here, and that can take hours! Yasmeen sat with me till 1 am in the morning, asking me questions and we were chatting, and my time is very precious, and that was ok, but if i’m going to spend hours with people answering questions, let’s say I’m going to talk to 20 females and 20 males, and i’m going to give each person at least 10 minutes, answering questions, how many hours that is taken out of my time, 10 hours? Ok if I’m going to give 10 hours for nothing everyday, what am I going to do with my life, that’s why I usually ignore many people who wish to talk to me because they only want to provoke me and ridicule me, using sarcastic remarks and speaking indecently with me! And I’m sure you’ve heard that yourself!

How do you deal with such bullying!
I’m a capable fighter, with one punch I can defect your face, and sometimes I really want  to do that, but I told the manager of the court in Abdali, that I have set goals in my life that I want to achieve. If every time someone wants to aggress on me and I want to fight back I’ll go to prison, I’m going to end up all my life in prison, so I have to avoid these guys as much as possible. One time, on Eid’s night, some guy pushed me in front of that car (he points to it). Obviously I estimated the situation, and I saw that there were more than 7 guys, it’ll be better for me not to do anything because they might rob me! Imagine, if while I’m fighting with 2 guys, someone might snatch my bag, and run, I keep my wallet and most of my documents with me!

"I want you to publish this photo in the magazine and tell the readers how Michael really looks. That this is not how I look, and that this is how I really look, but I choose to wear I what I want"

"I tell you, i don’t care what people say or think, i know who i am and i know why i dress the way like that, i’m very dandy."



Why do you hold your documents with you? Why not leave them at your house?
Ok, I’ll tell you exactly what I told one of the guys who work in this agency by the first circle, I told him that during the day time, I do my official work, and at night I do my hobby, so it would be unproper to tell the judge that I missed court cause I was working-out! So I do my official file work in the morning time, and during the day I practice my hobby wherever I want! I won’t take a special trip to my house to leave my documents there, and come back, so they’ll be with me!

If you were invited to a wedding, what would you wear?

I choose the place and the proper time for dressing, forget about weddings, if i’m going to a religious ceremony, I’m sure I won’t be dressed up like this, I’m not dumb or ignorant. In America I used to wear suites. But here I don’t like to wearing them!


The End


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