Bringing a whole new concept to femininity and fitness, Farah is set to combine two different worlds. The woman with tattoos and a boy-like body is also the woman with voluptuous breasts and wears make-up and false eyelashes to the gym…

   Jordan and especially city Amman, is a gather for not only contradictions, but also the gather of new statements that comes with understated liberations. We are now, on the go for controversy among the region! One after another… This means many canned matters are being disputed by one’s personal politics. And athlete Farah Mlahas is on the count! Having a blue-lazer tag pumped into her mouth, framed by her fully-colored lips speaks oral fixation! Farah’s cover ought for a powerful statement in equal with its combat-chic, (isn’t she a Nina?)! Many TV shows had begged for her presence to discuss her image, that’s crossing the mile far over and that is: a woman with a body of a 19 year old boy-gymnast with muscles just a little-too peeking, covered in tattoos and wear her make-up just as feminine, benching up kilos of weight. Many called her bluff too! But she refuse to be a debate, she’s a statement. Her image’s alter-ego says it all. Women shouldn’t look like that? Or should women start looking like that?
A person like Farah is more than personified to lead her own character. A combination between a jazzy Amy Winehouse and a rebellious Samantha Fox! She doesn’t wear her jeans ripped below her butt, but she wears her attitude just as confident! “I think a woman was made and created because she’s an image of perfection, forget her looks, I don’t care if she’s fat or thin, or covered in tattoos, but as a creature, she is a walking perfection. I don’t understand why you want to cover her all up, you want her to be locked in a house, you want her not to express how she feels, you want her to pop up babies all the time, at least let her pick who she wants to marry. I believe that women should be given the right to choose,” Farah unlocks, “I’m not afraid to speak my mind or to defend women, especially abused women”.


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