Farah never got her story straightened; she always seems to fall into people’s mouths’ easily, unguarded and unarmed. Therefore, she’s the girl who bends the rules and seems to be the escape goat to the women in our generation, regionally speaking. Simply, her soul comes at ease. “I know I’m not your average anything! Ok, you see me with my make-up and everything, I’m pretty feminine, but I’m stronger, because of what I’ve been through.” she confesses. “I come from a divorced family, I had to assume roles an average child wouldn’t assume, and I was put through situations when I had to own up. It made me tougher, I have no problem to go along with the construction workers and supervise or get my hands dirty…”



“I look at myself, and maybe in the Arab world, I’m sort of pushing boundaries, but personally I don’t see myself as that, people think I’m crazy…”


For a petite person, Farah excels in escaping the sphere! She’s a bit over that. A figure of form that Loans from the masculine, devotes for the feminine and bakes for a probability of something more of a coquettish, underlining Farah as the ultimate! Vava voom!
She’s not model-height, but can fit in a suite case!

We take the conversation into a low-key savanna. In our underground studio, we meet again for coffee and cookies, entering in fit trainees, wearing her hair up in a bun and a water bottle in hand. As we discuss issues on feminism, lesbianism and social misconceptions and what she faces as a public figure, i started to wonder, does Farah carry an agenda? “I look at myself and maybe in the Arab world, I’m sort of pushing boundaries, but personally I don’t see myself as that, people think I’m crazy, because I do whatever I want to do,” She said, knowing exactly where she stands! “Everybody have standards that they relate to, and if this is what I’m meant to do, if this is what’s written in the stars, then let me have it. Everybody lives, but not everyone is alive”. And as she looked around, she stands still but interrupts the cord, “I feel what’s missing is a cup of tea and scones, and we should be in London, having this conversation with rain outside,” she tails.












The Arab world is filled with hushed voices, it happens at the best cases! One, who wants to speak up in presentation time at university in some lecture about men and femininity, is a voice that is hushed down, before being gauged at! One who show cases provocative magazine covers and it’s affect on the society is being laughed at! But Farah stands still in a society that somehow demean women, and in her case, where does she stand? “I think there’s a problem, specifically here in this town, woman aren’t given important fixation, and they undermine the capability of women. If I can be part of some movement, in which I can be the escape goat for the next generation, I can and will be allowed to do what they want to do. If I’m part of that, then I have no problem with that, I’d be honored to be associated with that.”


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