“You know, the perfect thing would be a mesh between a man and a woman, like maybe a man, with the characteristics of a woman.” Farah conveys out of the blue! She’s as random as the next girl. She sets to try her best shot at being who she really wants to be, and then comes the part of her being a role model for other women, does she even know what she’s setting herself up for? “I’m just being me”, she coyly mumbles. She’s Jordan very own pin-up girl, never fails to conquer. She’s the poster chic that teenage boys hang on their pasty walls while touching themselves to, too explicit? Well, that’s just Farah’s appeal, one part is the one whose breaking boundaries, setting women free and call for a new stage of liberation, and theirs the other Farah, the one on the cover, oozing with oral fixation, sexing a burger, and wearing a black velvet dress while taming a wild dog in a 70s glamour party. She’s the Farah who you want her to be, she’s the Farah who she wants to be, just as outspoken, trying like anyone else who’s putting him/herself out there. She ought to be different, she sets to be different and she calls to differentiate. “Screw the typical world; we need to change the typical world.” An understated vote vouches for her phenomenal effectualness. “Do you remember when Tyra took a year off school and said, ‘I’m going to try modeling for a year, if it took off for me, I’ll move forward with it, if not, then I’ll go back to school.’ And I guess I am here doing the same thing”, You’d toss her a medal, but I think she already has that.


The End


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