The Platonic Theory

The F-word! If Farah Malhas’s name is yet to land on your radar then get Googling!

It’s early 1979, and the party season has never been better! Gia has hosted one of her famous in-house parties and all the ‘it’ people have attended leaving no room for the ordinary. The Wilhelmina girls came in packages, uncanny with their cocktail dresses and furs! Lisa Taylor, Julie Foster, and Patti Hanson are all in the kitchen mingling… As Farah Malhas arrived a bit late, wearing her Georgede’ velvet black dress and armed by her wild Labrador dog, who’s fetching things wasn’t his game! Gia is busy on the couch flirting with Kim Alexis, and Farah was already making friends with the mannequins! Hailing for a cab, the party newbies are on the leave, while Farah carries the after party! My.Kali meets a true literacy of a domestic chic.

Worded and directed by Kali, Make-up by Nada Al-Agha, digital artwork by Ala’a S.. Photographs by Farah Tealakh.