As she led me to the sitting room, where her kids were playing, I walk attentively and engage in small talk, as if to re-spark a dead moment. I asked her for the reason she agreed to do this feature (considering the status of My.Kali.mag) and whether she likes being controversial “I wouldn’t say I like controversy, but I wouldn’t like be put in a box either. Like oh she’s the sweet one, or oh she’s the nasty one, or oh she’s the daring one… I like to always do the unexpected and the unpredictable.”

While she excused herself to go to the kitchen, I found myself strolling around, studying the room with quick glances. Rania owns a series of family photographs that are hung to the wall in the sitting room, where they plead for an audience of admirers. Carved with frames, the wall is divided, a side of her family’s best photos and a side for her husband’s, and in between memorable shots of her kids. The place has a homespun feel to it, and that’s one of the things you’d notice about a celebrity’s house once you’re in, I was only a vampire with a one way ticket in! Rania settles a cup of Moroccan tea along with Christmas ginger snaps aside to it, and finds herself in the corner of the sofa across from me, sitting tautly, wearing all in black.


The kids ran to the next room with the sitter to play inside, and popped in occasionally to rat each other out with sentences like “Mummy, he took my…” and “I told her not to…” but soon we were left alone and 101.”I love your notebooks. All the binders, the old papers, and the organized agenda, this is how I do it too” Rania observes my entourage of notebooks and papers. The lady had me checked too! I settle for a simple “thank you” and complement her cozy home.

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