As we settle our interview for the last chorus, we seem to have drifted away from the social talk and personal politics, as we started recalling funny incidents that occurred on the shoot. The funny things she’d blurt out while she’s posing, in order for the pictures to be make belief, casting certain innate characters to feel the part! Our laughs seemed to go on forever; as no one has mentioned she’s that funny. And then we find ourselves engaging into a small talk again. ‘Are these homemade,’ I interrupt as I reach for another ginger snap, “Not really. I usually do things at home, but they don’t turn out like that!” she jokes “When we do something at home, It takes 3 hours to make cookies then it’s 5 minutes and they’re gone . The kids just eat them after they make them.”

I fetch for one last question that involved her disappearance and reappearance, which always keep the media on it’s toes for her next projects! ‘What’s the reason of your missing, another hush-hush project?’ “Disappearing for me re-energizes my batteries, so I need that time away. At first it’s lovely, you get a chance to catch up on everything, all the friends and family you haven’t seen for ages, you start reconnecting with everybody, and you start doing day to day stuff. So, I can read more and take interesting new courses, like meditation and psychology, which has nothing to do with my work and yet enriches it and makes me a better person, somehow. So my latest project is a film that I’ve been writing, it’s a romantic comedy based on a true story.” She says. And while there have always been skeptics of her peculiar school of sentimentalism, there are a gazillion others who continue to be electrified by her aura


The End


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