Kurdi has been around the neighborhood of stardom for quite a while now! Personally, I’ve been always hung up on Rania, I remember when being in school and running back to my grandma’s house and tuning in to the TV’s latest music videos (which was a major obsession in the early 2000’s here in Jo), and Rania’s Ma Btezha’a was on, and I instantly fell in love with the visuals and the cerography. And tried to copy it on several times when being by myself (and haven’t you dreamt of being an office assistant too with flicker-ish hair and bright headsets? No?), but failed to exceed! Never confessed to her, (and will probably laugh to herself once reading this) but my fascination dared not speak its name. That quirkiness about her that drew millions to adore her appeal made her grow to a greater form, becoming Jordan’s very own cutesy pie! Rania comes of age.

On-screen, Rania often exudes a cat-like combat vibe, a female canine warrior…edged! In person, she appeals much softer, leaner, cuter, and rather boyish with fair skin and few freckles here and there. Rania was never the type to play the girly-girl things in school she confessed, she would settle for wrestling with the boys instead. The woman plays martial arts in her free time for God’s sake! Feeling reminiscent, and recalling the very early stages of acting on stage, Rania was to play Oliver Twist in a school play (which is a boy character), and had her hair cut short, she was about 11, and very skinny. She played the role quite well, accordingly, and one of the little girls, who was younger (about 9), totally fell in love with her. “She thought I was a boy! And I tried to convince her that I’m a girl too, and was just playing a boy! She wrote me love letters and stuff… that was funny then!” she shares.

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