“I see in the western stars a more casual attitude who prefer to live life, as normal as possible, going out with the kids, doing grocery shopping, doing everyday tasks, they’re not always trying to be the glamorous celebrity. I think they have enough of it, enough red carpets, enough photo shoots, enough promoting movies. It starts to get tiring, always made up, always looking gorgeous, and always talking about themselves!  In the Middle East I feel there isn’t as much of that, that’s why they look for the glamour 24 hours, and they make it part of their lifestyle. I prefer the more laid back attitude.”


“I wouldn’t say I like controversy, but I wouldn’t like to be put in a box either. Like oh she’s the sweet one, or oh she’s the nasty one…”


And in spite of everything, Rania has always been one of the first to push the pop culture of Jordan forward, part of a change herself, always caught red-handed with a new project! But as many other local celebrities have complained before that, Rania also feels there’s a gap when comes to that. “Films that are by local directors only get attention after they’ve received acclaim abroad. But by then it’s too late, we need to push to promote our local talent in order to get the attention needed.” References like The RFC (The Royal Film Commission), are committing changes for local projects to be taken within consideration. Also Having two Jordanian films receiving world wide great acclaims, ‘Al Jomaa Al akhira’ by Yehya Abdallah, winning big in this year’s Dubai International Film Festival, taking home best composer, and film ‘Killing in the Name’ that has been nominated for this year’s Academy Awards in the Best Documentary Short category.


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