The Lady Who Fell To Coarseness!

 …Tip-toeing her way around threadbare rooms that utters crudity, raw walls and an ADR of peanuts! 

On singer/presenter Rania Kurdi


The Sheraton was all booked! This town is over its head! Running for a last minute reservation with a fuzzy conscious, Rania Kurdi finds herself at a low key, shabby chic hotel… Something around the corner and something unrefined! Loutish people are staring and questioning “…is the lady lost?”, and ain’t no shades big enough!

It’s the story of East and West Amman; the long-time restored fight! Modern vs. rustic, classy vs. tacky, merit vs. modest… Yet the modern woman remains wonderfully inscrutable, a composite of many virtues and idiosyncrasies. And in less fortunate backgrounds of misfits, she carries herself gracefully around the unpositioned space in this season’s prêt-à-porter. With powerful suites, cozy furs and high-waist pants, Rania retreats to a trivial dark hotel in downtown Amman, experiencing the original tale of the Jordanian unpretentious nostalgia! My.Kali peeks at room 102!

Photographs by Rafic, worded and styled by Kali, Make-up by Walid Al-Zoubi and Nada Al-Agha, hair by Maher Jubran. Digital art work by Atef Daglees. All clothes by Max Mara. Special thanks to Torwadah Hotel down town.



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