Though one can still detect a faint undercurrent disposition of aggressiveness, she is bright and animated, quick to laugh and feminine when least expects it. She gestures with small, slim, expressive hands as the conversation ranges from her affinity for meditation and martial arts to learning about religions and psychology.

And that inflects the same old question, how receptive Rania is to the new age of ideologies? What about aspirations of individual groups and society’s minorities, and when it comes to sexuality and so? “I respect that people have different point of views than my own but I do not agree with them forcing them upon others.” She says “And it is not my place to judge their beliefs, because who is to say I am right and they are wrong or vice versa? I don’t question people on who they are but on how they act!”


“…It is not my place to judge others’ beliefs, because who is to say I am right and they are wrong or vice versa?”


As an old riddle says, never meet your heroes, or in our case, your favorite celebrity! Always leaves you wondering if they’d live up to meet our expectations. “That’s what effected me most when I was doing the show (SuperStar), was watching the effect of fame and TV and the false image it can give to people of one’s life, always being glamorous, it makes people change toward you. I decided early on, that I didn’t want people to like me or treat me, based on the image given, and for me to play that part for them off TV! To feed that for them, and to be like ‘yes, my life is glamorous, and oh, I don’t do normal things like you do…’ you know what I mean? A lot of stars would fall into that and want to live that and then it’s very hard to break it.” She admits.



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