It’s A Woman Thing!

Sarab: The Full Story!


She’s probably Jordan’s downsized Aniston! Rumors always flood over the tables of gossip queens. Smart, driven and uncanny! Stories around her are restless, the type that flows and goes, the kind that aspire to soap opera writers and the kind that only revolves about her being! Right now, it’s all about Sarab, Jordan’s very own pin-up Transgender, or as would say “SheMale”! A born romantic, who opens up about surgery, family and her surprising secret passion… But what matters most to Sarab is far more personal! Here’s a My.Kali 100% exclusive! By Jay Dubbs

Article by Jay Dubbs. Photographs by Abu Anas at Al-Karmel Studios. Styled and Art directed by Kali. Digital art-work by Atef Daglees. Hair, nails and Make-up by Sarab’s own stylist-friend. All clothes throughout from Karen Millen

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