China Boy
I am a Chinese guy settled my life living in Melbourne for few years, I love Middle Eastern men, I think it’s the exotic look gets me most, they’re so hot and sexy, could you advise me how to get to know more Middle Eastern guys, ME heritage guys here seemed like to keep to their own circles. Best regards,

China Boy

A: Dear China Boy,

Most Middle Eastern gays have a community, and/or a night in a disco where they go to let their hair down so to speak.
You should look up the various Special events nights in your Part of Australia, and see which one is the closest to you.
A good thing to do is to take Arabic lessons, and delve into the culture, this also helps break down barriers and puts you in an advantaged position to trawl for them there hotties.
And it is like a Domino effect once you get into the circles, you will find they open up onto others, after all that is our culture we are friendly most of the times and open to others.
That said it also helps to be Pretty, handsome and/or gorgeous, we are very visual sorry to say.


 I’m a straight guy, living quietly without much going on in life, and honestly, just browsing, I’ve got to say your piece on one-sided love really affected me profoundly. It is true in every sense, and has helped me realize that I was suffering and in the throes of obsession, which could eventually spill over into something dangerous, and I must thank you, whole-heartedly and with much gratitude, for putting my situation into perspective. However, what can someone do when being stuck in a one sided love?

Your words ring true and serve a wonderful purpose


A: Dear Straightened,
Nobody is perfect and we will not hold it against you!
It’s not a matter of being straight or whatever, it is a matter of being human!
Most of us fear being alone, being rejected, being shunned, and being outcasts. This is human.
Nothing can drain you more than unrequited love.
Here are the simple facts and rules to follow:

  • Unrequited is just that unrequited
  • Tell the person of your feelings, the sooner the better so if you get a rejection you move on.
  • Yes move on.
  • No I really mean move on.
  • Did I mention I think you should move on?
  • You cannot force another person to have the same feelings for you that you have for them.
  • Don’t delude yourself.
  • Don’t stalk them.

When you said you were “in the throes of obsession, which could eventually spill over into something dangerous” What the hell did you mean by that? Rape? What?
You have to realise you are a human being, and capable of much self-control. And statements like the above get me worried, so either put the obsession out of your mind or get some help. I am serious. A simple case of mind over matter…


O-my badness!

Thanks for the efforts; what you guys are doing is amazing! I really appreciate your help, if you have the time, since am in a big, fat, weird, pickle! Am a closeted gay guy and I’ve been dating this guy for about a month (we talked for almost 7 months before online), I like him and the feeling is mutual, we have the most amazing time together. We were on a date yesterday, and then out for a drive, we were talking and talking about all sorts of stuff, boys, kissing, sex, work, friends… Anyhow, we eventually parked…

we talked for about an hour, then I started talking about the things I like about him, and he about me, I leaned closer and continued talking, I was very very very nervous, and I gazed into his eyes, not saying anything, he got nervous, started giggling, I continued to stare, then I said ‘you have to at least meet me halfway’, he leaned over to kiss me, and I FREAKED OUT! His face was next to mine, I could feel his lips, and then I said ‘I’m sorry, I can’t’… he laughed a bit and said it was okay, I told him ‘I just never did this, not with a guy or a girl’ (he has some experience with girls), we drove off…

I need your advice, did I blew my chances with him? I Youtubed kissing, since I seriously don’t know how (shame!), I think I get the grips, next time we’re out, should I make the first move…? Please any advice is welcome…

An extremely confused gay virgin,


A: Dear O,
Aren’t you just the most adorable thing! You are just too cute.
That said there is nothing wrong with being both inexperienced or a virgin, no nothing at all.
Relax it is a kiss and each kiss is different nothing to be ashamed of.
The styles vary and whatever might turn you on in one might turn you off in another.
There’s the cautious peck, there’s the explorer, there’s the pneumatic drill all tongue and teeth (hate those), and a myriad of others.
Since you like him and he likes you let him teach you what he likes, and with time you will learn to be a fabulous kisser and you too can kiss with confidence.
Why are you confused this is the best of times, this is the time where you explore yourself and others, where you find out what turns you on, what you feel comfortable doing and what definitely is a turn-off.
There is no rule for kissing, it is really an adventure!
Start off with gentle pecks or butterfly kisses, then slowly move on to the whole tongue action thing in your own good time!
And yes you can make the first move nothing wrong with that, or you can flirtatiously say: “Remember last time? Can you refresh my memory of what we were about to do?”
Above all else relax and enjoy.


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