Feet’s Happy Hour!

Have you tried the new spa yet?

   Can we talk “baby-bottom texture”? At the risk of sounding like a beauty nerd, the buzz of receiving flawless feet, for any season really, is taking this town by storm, and what to note is that it’s an assured trend! Men and women alike are taking extra care of their feet, you notice it when they’re swaging down Rainbow st. and Wakalat st., baring clean, neat feet! “If housewives in Singapore can handle it, so can I! It’s just little fish nibbling off dead skin!” We all remember that episode in ‘Ugly Betty’ when Wilhelmina Slater went the extra mile to pamper her feet, after learning Bradford Mede’s secret foot fetish, and winning him over! Going through many treatments to her feet, one of them were the famous footsoak, the Garra fish! It’s a biological phenomenon that kites on a symbiotic relationship for flawless feet. It’s all about living in a close, and often a long-term interaction, between two or more different biological species, that benefit from one another. We made like Willie and got ourselves booked, their lunch was our sandal baring hour! And no one is parsing the new obsession like the new spa ‘Garra Spa Fish’! Feet’s texture demands attention – and, in any case, the spa’s treatment is a sexy, ticklish and new experience, yet a less gross subject than you might imagine. Really!
Adorning a beauty-heroin evolving country, opened for only few months in city Amman, Garra Spa Fish, gets the dips, the hahas and the ooohs! And as My.Kali copes with the new wave of spas, clinging more and regulating it in a busy schedule, we sit down with Garra Fish Spa co-owner, Maysa’a Abu Al-Filat, to learn more about the new treatment that kept us loyal!

When and how did you decide to proceed with this type of treatment, and why?
I was thinking about starting a new unique project, which people can benefit from. So When I was visiting London last year, I tried this kind of treatment and was pleased with the results. The treatment isn’t available in Jordan and has potential to be a success and has many advantages in both treatments and beauty.

We loved the treatment; I couldn’t keep my feet down for few minutes because it was too ticklish, then got used to it! Is our experience or impression similar to the rest of your customers?
Somehow yes! It’s a different kind of experience for each person; you will feel a tickling sensation for sure! People say it feels like bubbles bursting on your feet.

Is there any rules or notification for people that need to know before attending?
Sure, we always ask our customers if they have open wounds or they’re in advanced stages of diabetes (older people) or have a spray tan or any contagious foot ailments, those are not advised to attend. These are the main questions we ask the customer over the phone or when they come, to ensure their health and not to harm the fish.

Who do you think should receive this treatment?
Any person who wants a baby skin! The treatment also beneficial for those who have eczema and psoriasis.

What does the Garra fish really do? Do they really bite? Many confuse them with Piranha, which is ironic; can you explain more about the fish and the history of the treatment?
Piranha hahha! No they don’t bite, they don’t have teeth, they just nibble away dry and dead skin, leaving you with healthy rejuvenated skin. Garra rufa fish is a very natural and unique pedicure and manicure method, where its origins in Turkey for over 400 years.
The Garra treatments have been made popular in Asia and the Far East and have since been making headlines in the lifestyle industry; these magical and therapeutic fish are the secret to natural and beautiful skin. Our Garra fish gently nibble only on dead skin, leaving your feet naturally exfoliated and feeling revitalized and pampered. The treatment also aids sufferers of psoriasis and eczema and helps regenerate human skin in natural and fun way.

What other benefits comes out of this treatment?
Aside from treating eczema and psoriasis, it’s also suitable for all ages that want to experiment a new way to remove dead skin, and is a great way to de-stress and relax, while naturally being exfoliated.

Can one get infected with diseases or catch a virus from the treatment?
At our spa we do care about the customer so we have filtration system, UV light (ultra violet) in all tanks. Everyone has a foot check and soak before entering our tanks.

Does the spa consist only on women or is it available for men who want to try the treatment and become regular?
Not only women, also men are welcome. A lot come in couples, and a lot come with their friends and chill and hang out! And many come in singles too…

Do you have men customers? Do they come often?
Yes I have and I like the fact that it’s a unisex spa. The mornings are usually for women, so we book men at evening times, 6-8 pm, that is the time for ‘him’. Women are notified at these hours; about the presence of men.

Is the spa comfortable for men, to come and try it?
My male customers say yes. And why won’t they be? It’s a hygienic treatment that everybody needs to try, not to mention is a great experience for everybody, why should it only consist on women? Taking care of your feet isn’t a woman’s duty only; it’s also a man’s! And my spa is welcoming male customers everyday.

Do you think people in the spa will judge men, or the different types of men, who come or occur to the spa?
I don’t think so! A spa’s duty is not to judge but to ensure the relaxation and comfort of each and every customer. I don’t think they should have any problem being themselves around the spa.


Make like Willie! Watch Wilhelmina Slater’s famous Garra fish footsoak on TV series ‘Ugly Betty’ (here)



For more info or to book your treatment in Garra Spa Fish:
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