A Fresh Story…!

How to get the fresh-look. My.Kali’s guide a fresher visage

   The summer is almost over, holiday time is wrapping up, and work and schools are just the final edit! Our skin needs tons of repairing due to summer’s dehydrating factors, from extra sweating to overly used sun-time! It’s mandatory for our skins to reclaim its old freshness back. The state of freshness is never out of fashion, in fact, it’s the perfect state toward almost everything, especially to men! From the simplicity of pulling work-look, to the low-key of the college-look. No one wants to look overly done, overly groomed and overly careless; to the point of looking dull! When it comes to grooming for men, it’s easy, fast and practical! Yes, a lot of us like to throw a couple more hours in looking best, but what you can do is also spending less time in looking good, when you can look your best at the minimal time possible. It’s a busy life alright. Here at My.Kali, we get assigned to try different things till we get the perfect equation, the perfect list, and what actually works! Many try different products and soon leave them shelved and eventually ending up buying a whole new thing again! If you don’t stick around for at least 4-6 months with a product, you won’t see the results requested! Products needs it’s time to work, you need your time to routine it in your daily movement, and your skin needs time to develop the results. So from fresh facial waters, to pore minimizers, and clarifying masks, is the beauty world for men really keeping its promises? Photographed by Dareen Gammoh.


1- L’occitane’s Fresh Face Water

-Promises: This product is an alcohol free, rich in Shea extracts and floral water that moisturizes and tones the skin in one step.

– Delivers: It can’t work as a replacement to your daily facial cleanser, but it removes dirt and sweat after gym work out. Using it during the day to refresh up would also do. It could also work as a toner for after your shower, and is a great product that could work as a cleanser when coming back home late at night and tiered to wash your face off. The product doesn’t dry your face and will keep it hydrated with its organic extracts. (PS it’s gentle on the eye area)

Found L’occitane stores. Taj Life Style Center (Amman City)


2- Declor’s Hydra Floral Gel-Cream for the eyes

Promises: This gel-cream is specifically formulated for the sensitive eye area. Is a new-generation moisturizer using the technology of aquaporins, which is a true cell irrigation channels, and includes targeted active plant ingredients. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and leaves the skin beneath a veil of freshness.

-Delivers: the products does deliver freshness factors, as it does smooth out dehydration lines and reduce the appearance of puffiness, but does not reduce the appearance of dark circles (it reduces it with a continuous use and a good sleeping-time regime). It also protects against environmental pollution (i.e. smoking/second hand smoking). Results? Perfectly hydrated and refreshed, smooth eye area.

Declor products aren’t found in Jordan. They’re upon order or through selected buyers.


3- The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

– Promises: The Body Shop’s new product for the Tea Tree range, a pore minimizer that makes your pores look smaller. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, it smoothes and primes, leaving skin feeling fresh and pure.

– Delivers: The product works as a primer to your moisturizer (you use it before applying your usual facial cream, or make up!). It matifies the skin, leaving it shine-free. It does reduce the appearance of pores (a little) and guarantees the skin to feel fresh and pure.

Found at The Body Shop Stores; City Mall, Mecca Mall, Taj Lifestyle Center, Swefieh-Wakalat St. (Amman City)

4- Nuxe’s Gentle Purifying and Clarifying mask with 3 roses

– Promises: This clarifying cream-mask clarifies the complexion and purifies the skin from deep within. It unclogs and tightens pores, leaving the complexion, looking matte.

– Delivers: The mask does cleanse the skin for including Rosemary water. It soothes the skin and matifies it for have rice powder. The skin will feel fresh, and the product will tighten the skin, therefore you’ll need to use a moisturizer right after, as it might dry your skin. For you to complete the result, you need to use a moisturizer after.

Products of Nuxe are found at selected pharmacies. And in all Pharmacy One branches (Amman City)


5- The Face Shop’s Bubble Bubble Foaming Cleanser

– Promises: A pump-type bubble cleansing with creamy foam, contains green tea extracts, which refreshes weaken skin cells.

– Delivers: The skin is easily revived and feels fresh when washing with warm water then several rinses with cold-cold water. Pump 2-3 times, not more than that, to get adequate amount. Pat your skin dry and not rub to avoid irritation. Make sure to use your daily moisturizer right after, as you’ll consume less of your cream when skin is fresh and damp, otherwise your skin might get tight and dry during the day.

Found at The Face Shop stores; Mecca Mall, Taj Lifestyle Center (Amman City)


6- My.Kali tip: Make-up Cheats! If all else fails and you need a quick beauty pick-me-up – it’s time to bring out the cheaters! Perfect for topping up your skincare plan, don’t be afraid to go for quickie make-up-fixes to give your complexion a bit of a boost. It isn’t full on-girl makeup, they’re only few touch ups like a tinted moisturizer than enhances the skin’s tone color and hides bits of the skin’s flaws without anyone knowing. My.Kali loves Clinique’s Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 protection. Refreshingly lightweight formula provides a no-makeup look and feel, yet covers imperfections with a natural, hydrating touch and a hint of skin-perfecting color.

7- A light-fresh concealer that you can quickly dap under your eye can erase few of the tiered signs away, and don’t be ashamed to call for such fixes, as it’s totally normal to look neat, rested and fresh. We advise with Clinique Airbrush concealer, as it instantly helps soften the look of fine lines, as it’s light-diffusing optics brighten shadows. And follow up with light finger patting.

Both Products 6+7 are found at Vava Voom; City Mall, Taj Lifestyle Center (Amman City)