Uncertain Somberness

In the Joint of action, singer Aziz Maraka resorts the sensation of uneasiness. A journey through the creeps of one’s mind…

A photo-story of a haggard soul, a captured tear, lost by the momentum of it’s distraught. They pass us, they pass his, and they pass you! Moments of time, moments of hurt, moments of luster and pain. What saves us from our minds? What contributes to our sorrows? What dries our tears? We owe our desolated eyes an undramatic closure before they sleep! Hollow dreams haunt our minds in the darkest of times, leaving unapologetic references of sadness, and stepping out of self to look at it from a 3rd person perspective, only to step back in, and narrate a processed first person disjoining epiphany.

Photographs by Rafic. Directed by Kali. Worded and quoted by writer Raafat Majzoub‘s book ‘Fetish Systems‘; an autobiographical love letter of importance. Make-up: Walid Zou’bi. Digital art work: Atef Daglees. Behind the scenes video: Ala’a Abu Qasheh and Mustafa Rashed. Special thanks to ‘The Studio‘ downtown – Amman, for lending My.Kali the location.