A procedure of Inspecting goods, baggage and Wardi! Totally unfiltered, totally scanned and totally obsessed-about by millions. On Youtube’s artist Ala’a Wardi.

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Duties and taxes are imposed on imported and, less commonly, exported products. A human can be a product, a life’s product: produced and expired, shipped and delivered, accepted and rejected. And like many, one can only sympathies with those stuck at customs and terminals, homeless and shelved! A man is trapped where wants out, denied entry to a country he wants-in, and at the same time, he does not want to return to a country that might shelf him. Ala’a Wardi finds himself relating to those stiff homeless boxes labeled “fragile”, lingering around a space of rejection, bubble-wrapped in his own state of mind. My.Kali handles Wardi with care!

Article by Sandra Sarkisian. Story-line by Farah Hijazi. Photographs by Rafic. Styled, Art directed and Digital art-work by Kali. Make-up by Nada Al-Agha. Making-of video (mini-film) by Ala’a Abu Qasheh of Waraq Productions. Location, and special thanks for T-shirt shop Mlabbas for lending My.Kali their storage area for the shoot. 

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