Story of An Unsuportlive Wallet!

The ultimate survival tips for shopping in Abdali; Jordan’s most famous flea market.

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Where better to play out retro prints, maxi dresses, and vintage denims than amid the carried world of Amman’s Abdali? Better yet, finding them! Lending us her Abdali best-buys, Maral Sarkissian teams-up with My.Kali to put together a series of her looks where she shows us how to dash for less cash in an economic challenged age, casting the beautiful Nadine to remodel the looks…

Article and styled by Maral Sarkissian. Photographs by Rafic. Art directed by Kali. Hair by Mahmoud Karajogly. Make-up by model, Nadine (Hair and make-up were under Maral’s supervision to recreate her looks). Digital art work by Atef Daglees. Making of video by Ala’a Abu Qasheh and Mustafa Rashed.

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