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(Picture above: "Simple trick: when wearing oversized sweaters with a skirt 
or dress try adding a belt to highlight your waist, it’ll give a nice 
silhouette too." Maxi dress: H&M basic black dress, top: Abdali men’s 
section 2 JDs, shoes: Abdali, bargained for and bagged for 2 JDs, belt: 
vintage, grandmother’s closet, bag: vintage Charles Jourdin from grandma’s 
closet. "Try mixing and matching retail items and thrifted items.")




I have always been awed by fashion, ever since I was a little girl; I would invade my mom’s and grandma’s closets and just be overwhelmed by the feel of luscious fabric over my skin, or the beautiful huge shoes that would make me feel like the earth is too far beneath my feet, and the jewels, oh the jewels!

The most joyful feeling of shining with the stars… even throughout my childhood, I have always played dress-up with my sister; it was something that excited me. It still does, I still feel like a little girl putting on her mother’s clothes every time I try on a new outfit, even when I kept exploring styles, mixing and matching, committing some horrible fashion faux pas –but then again, who hasn’t? – The terrible thing though was the budget; the thing is, I’m not a minimalist, so I never could save enough or earn enough to satisfy my shopping needs or fashion must-haves. Until came the glorious day I discovered the vast and vivid world of second-hand flea market shopping, also known in Amman as “ABDALI”.

Abdali is a small part of Amman that goes unnoticed throughout the week, but on Thursday evenings and throughout Fridays, turns into a huge flea market (also known as Friday Market).  Packed with all sorts of clothes, people, color, fabric, shoes, and just anything you can ever imagine. This little spot of town is by far my favorite treasure-hunting destination.

Many designers hunt for exquisite pieces that could add to their concepts, and many independent stylish peeps would resort to flea markets to find exactly they’re looking for, that many of the retail shops aren’t offering throughout seasons, or if certain styles aren’t “in”, retro is one to easily form with such carried options. You tend to develop your own customs and traditions when coming to such shopping-experience.

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