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(Picture above: "A friend of mine got me this cute Asian top from Abdali!". 
Denim & Mandarin Top: Jeans: 1 JD. Japanese top, 2 JDs, Bangles Maral's own)



At first glance, it may seem chaotic and terribly crowded and the amount of racks and clothes can be overwhelming. But that’s only if you’re looking from the outside.  Here are a few tips to help you soak that in and shop…

• Abdali market can be messy and crowded and may get you confused as to where you should start. Don’t panic and go to your zen! Just explore your surroundings, scan the place a little, select a rack you like to start from, and work your way from there, if you find something you like, well, it’s a start, but if you don’t just head towards another rack, it’s simple, you don’t have to find something you like in every pile or on every rack you stop at.

• Always have your money in small bills. Never take along a 50 JD bill, or a 20 JD bill for that matter. Simple reasons, one; if you buy an item for 2 JDs, per say, you may not be able to find change, two; if you do get change how are you going to put all those bills inside your pocket (since I don’t recommend taking along a bag or a wallet) without having to drop some money with your next purchase? And three; you don’t want to be pick-pocketed, now do you? Also, try wearing something comfy, that you can move around in for hours, and don’t try to look polished, it’s always best to blend in with the surroundings. I like to wear an oversized hoodie or t-shirt with a pair of jeans; they’re easy to move in, don’t look expensive, for obvious reasons, and I wouldn’t be upset if I accidentally hit something and tore them.

• Have a list or a mind-memo of the items that you want. This makes looking around easier and less consuming of time and money.  You don’t have to follow it by the word; it is only there to make your shopping a tad easier if the amount of clothes surrounding you at the market overwhelms you. Being updated through checking fashion blogs (mine are listed downward) or fashion magazines, could keep you mentally updated, therefore once you spot an item, you’d snatch it/them right away without second thought. My gay friend always marks pages in magazines, and we all meet up early for coffee before strolling the market, and we all know what everybody is eyeing or likes, therefore easy to spot the lookalikes.

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