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(Picture: Double Denim! Jacket, old navy 2 JDs. Felt hat, bought by my sister 
also from Abdali 2 JDs. Jeans, 1 JD. Embroidered clutch, 0.5 JD. Shoes, 2 JDs. 
Basic white top, model's own.)



• The basic tip for shopping at Abdali is: be patient. You may scan around for hours and find nothing. This is perfectly ok.  You don’t have to buy every item you like because it’s cheap, keep your eyes open for only special eclectic items that you won’t be able to find at retail stores. I have found some vintage 90s items, like a denim Old Navy jacket (seen in picture) with the tag still on! I love it every time I wear it, and I still think it’s worth the 2 JDs I spent!

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• Pick the time to shop carefully. You have from Thursday evenings till Friday evenings, and rumor has it, the preparations start on Wednesdays. If you want to have vast options and items that look like you’ve shopped them from retail stores, then the best time to go is on Thursdays, yes, the earlier the better. This is the time they bring the “new” stuff in. Now, if you have lots of free time but don’t really want to buy anything, just in the mood for exploring or experimenting, maybe even practice your bargaining skills, then the best time for you is Friday afternoons, let’s say after 2 o’clock, before closing time, not much “good” picks left not many people either, so you can have the whole market to yourself. But if you’re looking for good buys, or unique items, the best time to go is on Friday mornings, preferably between 9 am and 11 am, the reason is that most of the ordinary items will be sold Thursday through Friday morning, you wouldn’t have to choose between buying that basic top from Abdali or H&M, it’s a basic item, it’ll always be available anywhere. Look for original instead. For example that beautiful coat you saw in Vogue and had your eye on for a while now but don’t want to sell your car to be able to afford it. Chances are you’ll find one just like it for less than 7 JDs if you keep your eyes open. I found the embroidered floral clutch (shown in the photos) that looks just like the Dolce & Gabanna 2013 spring/summer collection for half a JD! Yes! Half!

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