(Picture:The Leirah Bow Maxi Dress and black Carmina shoes, Coast. 
Leather jacket with Palestinian Hatta inside detail, Abdali; Jordan's 
flee-market, stylist's own. Gray Baroque jewel clutch, Karen Millen. 
Jawad is wearing his own clothes throughout the shoot.)



Symptomatic tones seem to linger between the visceral individual involving its listeners in an emotional ecstasy to the more intellect beats spread on a regional music sheet; as many upcoming Middle-Eastern musicians are adding to an identity that is a mixture of westernized flavors and traditional origins, varying in genres from alternative rock to electric beats, they speak of change and reflect social and individual issues. My.Kali joins the energetic crowd of Art Medium’s Dum Tak Festival to photo-narrate the night of a runaway glamour chic who escaped her engagement party to enjoy band El Morabba3’s intoxicating music in the open-field space.

In our beloved Amman, music is a mainstay in entertainment and such whereabouts, there’s always a concert/festival/band night happening somewhere all around the year. Usually, in the summer, outdoors win over and many events take place in Amman’s historical and cultural aspect like concerts in The Roman Theater or a laid back band-night performing at Books@Café.

While Al-Hussein Cultural Center, usually holds more formal, traditional performances, you can still catch The Final Wish at pub Murphy’s or Jadal at Bargo’s café, then again you can happen to be walking into T-shirt store Mlabbas on Rainbow st., fishing for a cool designed shirt and find Dinosaurs & Astronauts performing his folk music.

Away from the mainstream nightlife of Amman, TBA was born giving an expressive-atmosphere for underground bands and DJs to perform, artists to read out loud their poetry and fire jugglers and lovers of life to dance their souls out. Like its free-spirited crowd, the event never settles down to one location, always on the move, always providing something different. Sometimes in Jabal el webdeh, others in Exit club and various other locations. A place where you can truly wash away your wearisome and enjoy a show of fire dancers? Possible!

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