Watching a lady but wanting a man!

Select your category! A straight woman’s lust for lesbian porn!


(9 1/2 weeks, 1986. Kim Basinger, thinks about her lover and gets aroused
while wathcing a sexual art slide-show at her office. Watch scene)



By Rowa K.

I sit here trying to write about the taboo subject of straight women and lesbian porn, when all I could do is find an excuse not to write it. The dishes need to be done, why don’t I rearrange my closet, I know what I should do, the laundry! The reason behind my procrastination is because the issue is closer to home than I would have liked to think. You see, I myself secretly indulge in viewing two women passionately “go down” on each other. I never truly thought about why I enjoy seeing more than one pair of voluptuous breasts as opposed to your standard Adam and Eve. It simply excited moi!

There are so many reasons for everything we say or do but what are your reasons, what are mine? The absence of an explanation didn’t bother me so much, however when I actively realized my preferences I became rather concerned about my sexual orientation. And at this point, I honestly cannot say that I am 100% certain of my sexuality, in my opinion no one really is. Sexual orientation is not simply black or white, on the contrary we are faced with a plethora of greys, some shades are darker than others but they are all grey in essence. Come to think of it, black and white are technically not real colors, in fact they are two forms of the absence of color.

Since I can’t seem to find a better way to start this article, I’ll start at the beginning, my discovery of the pornographic world that is! I’d love to keep the illusion of innocence built in your heads but sadly I must destroy it, my curiosity of the human body was awakened, and through my “Explorer” I have explored through various pornographic websites at the early age of 13. The first time I stumbled upon porn was at a shamefully young age; it’s actually a pretty funny story. Yes, you haven’t misread it; I was in my early teen-hood when I felt that mysterious tingle down south. It all began when I misspelled the word “Hotmail”, as you can guess the Internet address I entered had nothing to do with electronic mail. I innocently typed out the URL, I patiently waited for the page to load – back then the Internet was slower than a turtle running away from its own death. When the page finally loaded I saw a manhood being unloaded into another gentleman’s mouth. I will admit, it excited me in ways my youthful body has never experienced before, it wasn’t the guy on guy action per say. Its mostly seeing a sexual acting being executed on that PC screen which automatically excited my vagina

For a couple of years I avoided such debauchery but alas my curiosity about human sexuality could not be smothered any longer. When I was about 15, my curiosity was reawakened, I went through almost all the categories generously offered. Your classical threesomes, anal, and bondage didn’t cut it. Hell, female friendly didn’t even tickle my taste buds. The only genre that drew me in and captured my attention was lesbian porn. It was a guilty pleasure of mine, at first I would just watch the first 20 seconds of a video only to abruptly shut off my computer. I felt ashamed, how could I indulge in this same sex fantasy that is so frowned upon by society?

What “normal” teenage girl would rather watch two muff-divers than watching your standard “birds and the bees” sequence? This thought became a resident in one of the many corners of my mind, always reminding me of its presence whenever I watched some girl on girl action. Instead of discarding it as just a tiny, squeaky voice, I gave it a megaphone, turned off my computer and started with the usual vicious circle of self-judgment and shame. Subconsciously, I kept looking for logical reasons as to why I would be watching lesbian porn when I consider myself a straight woman. My first conclusion was that I was bi-curious; to embrace this theory of mine I had a few drinks and kissed a girl to see how it feels. Lo and behold, I liked it so I agreed to go out on a date with this lady friend of mine. As irresistible and attractive she was, I couldn’t do it, right then and there I concluded to myself that I like cock! Although I was relieved to know that I am in fact straight and not someone who’s in the middle of the spectrum, this meant that I had to find other reasons.

A major factor that I have noticed is the capricious cinematography that differs depending if the movie shot is same sex or heterosexual in nature. A scumbag of a man has recently deflowered me but that’s a different story, the point is, sex is not merely an animalistic act; it’s an expression of love. So when I need a little inspiration to relieve my urges I cant help getting turned off by the sight of a man drilling into a poor woman’s –as the Hawaiians say- punani. It seems so violent and rather sadistic, the shots taken are vulgar and to be frank it seems to me that women are usually the submissive one in most of these movies. I’m not a feminist, however I do feel offended when I see how women are treated in these movies, such a turn on right ladies? Lesbian porn has the same dynamics of course but in those movies the focus of directors is capturing the pleasure and the intimacy between the rug munchers.


“Even though I fantasize about other women, I always seem to be deeply attracted to men at the same time, this is when I realized women could be straight and still get off on lesbian porn.”


We all know the phrase “women are from Venus and men are from Mars” from the not so helpful books located at the self-help book section in virtually any respectable bookshops. Well, I would like to make an amendment to this all-encompassing expression, clits are from Venus and dicks are from Mars! The difference between a penis and clitoris’s mechanisms could be compared to the operations of a coffee machine versus a TV. These differences usually cause challenges in the bedroom between a man and a woman. It is true that with patience and love the obstacles are overcome, despite that though it is rather enticing to wonder about being sexually stimulated down there by someone who comes from the same planet so to speak. That someone knows as much about pushing the right buttons as your right hand if not more, needless of Google maps! The penis is the prototype whereas the clitoris is the latest version, stimulation of both organs causes sinful pleasure but I’d like to think of the clitoris as the iPhone 5, a more advanced piece of equipment.

Culliningus “ is an oral sex act (involving the use of the mouth, including the lips, tongue or teeth) performed by a person on the clitoris or other parts of the vulva, or vagina, of a female”. It gives men quite a challenge, so many parts that need to be stimulated. There are the outer labia, inner labia, vaginal hole, and clitoris. To add to the confusion there is the issue of vaginal fluid, it’s everywhere, not as simple as a man’s juices, which shoots out from only one end. This is basically the main reason a lover of mine was reluctant to go there. I admit it was quite frustrating since this activity is my most preferred activity in bed. The only way I could be satisfied was virtual oral sex, which is where lesbian porn came in. Girl on girl action doesn’t remind me of my alpha male lover’s hesitance to kiss my other lips. Indulging in the fantasy of a woman going down on me was very satisfying, women know how vaginas work making them better at Cunnilingus.

Even though I fantasize about other women, I always seem to be deeply attracted to men at the same time, this is when I realized women could be straight and still get off on lesbian porn.

Sexual orientation is still a highly debatable issue; it’s a matter of nature versus nature. Some argue that sexuality is determined the moment you’re born. Others have a different view; they believe sexual orientation depends on one’s surroundings. Ultimately the human instinct always kicks in when there is an unsatisfied need, what meets and satisfies that need might be typical and within the norm, but at other times the unconventional and bizarre to some is the solution.