My.Kali’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution


A New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year, and My.Kali‘s views for 2014 looks optimistic (Nancy Ajram style!). We asked some of our team members to submit their resolutions for the new year. Some wanted to be “more materialistic”, some wanted to have “more sex” and some just wanted to quit smoking! So lets see what they’ve listed.



Mo. K.  Writer

New Year’s resolution:

– Quit smoking

– reach my goal weight

– Get a promotion

– Finish my grad school applications

– Publish at least two academic papers

– Travel to at least 4  new countries

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Omar Alefae  Writer

– Read more

– Gossip less

– Be more aesthetic

– Get B1 Delf

– Visit Petra

– Do scuba diving

– Learn to play the violin

– Get a new PC

– Work on my time management

– Do something that makes me happy everyday



Jawad Hijazi – Assistant/Photographer

My resolution for 2014 is: politically, war is going to escalate in Syria, and I’d like to help the refugees even more than what I’m doing now. Life in general: I am going to graduate, I’ll travel, start a new project and have a wonderful year with my family and my lovely friends.

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Q.  Copyeditor

– Remind myself every morning that I or one of the people I love could be dead by the end of the day

– Leave work on time every day and do at least one other productive or creative thing afterwards

– Spend the morning drive (or at least 1 hour on weekend mornings) letting myself think with no distractions or music

– Add at least one sentence every day to whatever story I’m working on at the time

– Create a mix tape of classical music and listen to it on the drive back from work

– Call at least one family member or friend each day to check up on them and catch up



Jawanna Sawalha  Music page editor

My new years resolution is to start reading books in Arabic! Since I noticed I can’t read sh*t in Arabic! LOL!

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Rami J.  columnist

– Working out and going to the gym at least three days a week

– Find a full or part time job in addition to freelancing

– Less porn and more real sex

– Spend more time with family

– Finish preparing my own place as a work/hangout friendly area

– Buy the rest of Kelly Rowland’s discography, LOL

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Agnes Montanari  Photographer

My new year’s resolution is ‘to enjoy life to the full’ and to be as unreasonable and extravagant as possible.

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Atef Daglees  Cover designer

I want to learn a new skill, eat healthier, read books  often, get a better job, have more patience, start exercising, get a pet, get more sleep, be nicer to my friends, do more for my parents and family, stop worrying too much…

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Khalid/Kali  Creative director/Founder

I felt like the past 2 years, I didn’t add much to myself; like evolve, you know, when people feel stuck/lost at 22. I want to free myself from self-definitions I and others put me in. I’d like to strive for a better version of myself, like be on time, and letting the people around me, and the people who work with me, (regardless in My.Kali or else), know how much I love them and how much I appreciate what they’re doing.



Hiba Joudeh  Photographer

New year’s resolutions of 2014:

– Be healthier: ; quit smoking, run on a daily basis, eat healthy…

– Take care of my parents

– Find God

– Finish all pending photography projects

– Throw a big art photography exhibition

– Sing more, record, publish and maybe go live

– Travel at least twice

– Find a partner

– Leave my comfort zone

– Laugh more and worry less

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Rafic  Photographer

2014 for me is all about excelling! Very much career oriented pin-points on my to-do-list for the year. Oh and clean up the emotional mess of 2013.

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Qutaiba  Writer/columnist

My resolution is to keep delivering my thoughts in the best way possible and to try to be there for the people I care about, also I wouldn’t mind if I quit smoking and exercised some more.



Amer Atta Hmd  Make up artist

I’m not very sure about my resolution the only thing I’m sure about that I’m taking my handmade designs to another level by opening a handmade design boutique in city Amman, inshalla.

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Jameel  PR

I suppose the same as every year, quit smoking! But my ultimate resolution is to be ‘more gayer’! I have been too boring to be gay, that’s just humiliating enough! I’m not sure if I should come out or not, or if it’s the right choice, but I guess I’ll be coming out to few of my closest friends, cause they deserve to know who I am and I don’t want to hide/lie to them, seeing that it’s not as difficult as I thought, seeing many of the people around me are doing so and finding great results; feel free, more relaxed about who they are and honest.



Ala’a Abu Qasheh  Videographer 

Smile often, show more gratitude and hug more. Life is too short to hold on to things that are hurtful and unproductive. Letting go and moving on might be exactly what I need to continue a fulfilling happy life, that’s my New Year’s resolution.

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Whelhamina  Columnist 

Dear all possums

Here are my New Years Resolutions:

– Stay the course ever onwards ever upwards (but when you have reached the pinnacle where do you g?)…

– Be less understanding and more pre-emptive and pro-active, no one shall get the better of me

– Live my life on the fringe and be the best or the worst I can be

– Be forever Sinfully devillish and divinely decadent

– Savour as many manimals as I can

– Indulge more in the things that make ME happy

– Get more materialistic

– Get some dancing done

– Get some people eliminated

– Stand up for the ones who do not have a voice (in this case the animals)

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Julijan R.  Writer 

My new year’s resolution is to stop being a people’s pleaser on the expense of what I see is right; I often take in consideration how the opposite party feels (or would feel) more than how I feel. That’s the most important one I can think of. Another one is dedicating this year to myself disregarding others at some level.

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Farah Hijazi  Writer

– Find a rhythm.

– Seek Balance: Between Inner and outer worlds Between routine and spontaneity (Note: By seeking balance, you have to try certain extremes; until each extreme cancels the other out. Rhythm will be your guide)

– Choose two main goals: One that stimulates intellect another that stimulates physical abilities – dismiss all other goals. (Note: By dismissing the other goals I do not wish to stop practicing my other skills, I keep doing them but with moderate effort/time; keeping in mind that their purpose is to serve the greater goal. Rhythm will be your guide)

  •  Physical goal: Compete in Muay Thai/ Kickboxing championships (Note: By competing I do not seek winning, I seek out self-development)
  •  Intellectual/Creative goal:

This one is hard to choose, since I do wish to continue writing, painting, designing and the list goes on; but as jogging, swimming and doing other physical activities will build up on my martial arts skills same goes for any other intellectual or creative activity, the key here is to choose which one I wish to pursue so the rest can be like little support systems for it.

Self-reflection: I want my freedom; hate restrictions. I want to travel and be financially independent. Help the less fortunate. I find light inspiring and would like to try working in my field of study; Interior Design.

My mission for now: to find a goal that combines all of these together. (My resolution is more confused than I am.) – Rhythm will be your guide.

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Jawad G. Qumsieh  Photo editor

Mine is to be a better guy, and to be more positive, to finish school and runaway with the one I love.

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The End