From Drab to Fab, A Layering Story!


(Picture: Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Menswear. From left; Missoni, E Tautz, 
Sibling, Nasir Mazhar, Matthew Miller.)



By Qutaiba Abdelhaq


The world of fashion is becoming more radical with every passing moment, from edgy lines to partial nudity, but amidst all the madness, layering has survived as the most indie trend of all, and for good reasons, per se; you get to wear your favorite t-shirt and dress shirt at the same time, not to mention the chance to show off all your newly bought hats at the same time!

Also, layering has a certain mystery about it, and as we all want to be hipsters, but hate to admit it, this is the perfect way to let your inner artist/hipster show, but how to layer? and what’s the implied code for layering?

The answer is pretty simple, you just mix and match what you like, and then take a long look in the mirror, other than that, anything you put on works. Here is some tips on getting the perfect pieces, the perfect outfit and most perfect final outcome:


1. Flea markets: the best place to find that one piece that no one else has, so wake up early, get your morning coffee and spend a couple of hours at your local flea market, and be patient, good things are worth waiting for, check My.Kali’s guide for flea-market shopping.

2. Level out the spaces between layers and get a smarter look: Layering does not mean messy, you can layer and look brilliant at the same time, just spend an extra 10 minutes rechecking those spaces. Known for their clean, smart and layered looks, Paul Smith have upped their style for their A/W 14-15 look books by layering long coats and oriental scarfs over chic suites.

3. Don’t limit yourself: Many may think that layering only applies for clothing, we beg to differ! Layering is part of the art of mixing and matching, so layer you jewelry; accessories, hats, scarves and even shoe-laces, this will make dressing up a special time of artistry. E-Tautz (picture up) have paired different prints on over different items maintaing a well themed color palette.

4. Choose your colors wisely: To avoid looking like an illuminated Christmas tree, try not to maintain a certain theme of colors , and always include a neutral color, such as black, grey or navy blue. Check out Sibling’s A/W 14-15 collection (picture up), adding several clashing colors of black, red and blue, paired with jeans and a black scarf.

5. Always re-check the outfit before leaving the house: Although layering is considered a way to be spontaneous, we urge you to not be that spontaneous! Look at your outfit in the mirror for a couple of minutes and fix what you think needs fixing. Chanel said take off the last piece you put on before you leave, but we encourage to go opposite!


Fashion 2

(Picture: Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Menswear. From left; Richard Nicoll, Oliver



Here are some of ideas to try and play with:


1. The lumberjack look:
Alright boys, its time to let your inner hunter show, the Lumberjack look is sexy, masculine and timeless, take a look through your old stuff, and recreate. If you’d like to ought for a less casual look, be inspired by Oliver Spencer’s (picture up) formal chic look for this season.

Items needed:

  • Checkered shirt
  • Basic t-shirt
  • A really old pair of jeans
  • Leather jacket (only when its cold)


2. Braid you scarves:
You heard me! braid em, pin em and show em off. Neck wear are the ultimate statement pieces, not to mention the tingling warmth you would feel, So make the best of that pile of unused scarves and stand out.


3. Shirts, shirts and more shirts:
With the various neckline types out there, layering with many shirts has become a must! Mix your Japanese neckline with a button up one, focus on colors and patterns.

Our pick: White faded corduroy shirt beneath a dark navy blue vintaged dress shirt.


4. Hat – on – Hat:
Multiple hats is a tricky one to pull off, but it always looks good, hats of different sizes can be worn together for extra warmth, extra groove and extra fun.


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