(Picture: Khalid is wearing an oversized high-waist suite pants with brown
leather belt and brown derby shoes. All from H&M)




“Nudity is natural! It’s a state of physical ease and freedom from any constraints, especially in a country that throws clothes back on people! And not until someone loves and accepts who they are, it becomes the ultimate comfort.” – Khalid


Being home is when one let loose and put down the make-an-impression hat. Impress no one but yourself. Lingering home semi nude, whether in a loose sweats or suite pants or even an oversized t-shirt and fitted briefs/boxers, reading a good novel is liberating, and very mid-week envy! It’s a mental image and state that someone would crave for by the end of the week! Therefore express yourself and explore a different type of liberating-comfort. Make like us and be topless while wearing your loosest suite pants pulled with a covetable vintage belt, and stay put and gathered. Read Amy Winehouse’s biography book, Amy My Daughter, or enjoy the first season of new HBO series ‘Looking’; a show that revolves around three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of gay men.

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