To you all,

You think we would have made it without your support? You’re mistaken! You see, a lot of people go through emotional stress, some figure out a way to handle it. They have a strong enough support system to keep them going and keep them moving forward. And some people, they feel like they don’t have that outlet. Many of us here at My.Kali never had that! And whether you find that hard to believe or not, we found that support through you! Through your constant support, through your heartfelt, touching and amazing letters and through your positive vibes toward us. Some brought us to tears, and some put a smile on our faces. Right from the beginning (2008)! We have went through all your letters, all of your thoughts, and supportive words, but unfortunately it was impossible to post them all, so please forgive us. We promise you, everything you’ve sent/send, have been read, and touched us beyond dreams.

Lets go back to 7 years ago…



“Hi there my dearest’s at My.Kali,
I live in Jordan, and I live a big fat lie. My whole life is a one fake act. I always try to stay optimistic about my life as a gay guy in Jordan but the reality hits back immediately. I love my country, I would never trade it for the whole world. But I feel like I’m in a big prison. At these hard times you guys is the only reason I’m still trying to survive this struggle. I some times get tired and give up this hard life. And I see my self in your articles and your thoughts.
I really really love you guys, you’re probably the only reason I’m still alive and kicking. Love you.”
– Anonymous, 2010 (Jordan)


“Just got to know your magazine, and wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you, really well done! Both interesting in the substance, and nice to look at in the format! And definitely a way to advocate for LGBT rights to be fully respected here and elsewhere in the Arab world, and show the positive contributions of LGBT people to society!
– Anonymous, 2012 (Jordan)


“I support you in your project, courage and honesty.”
– Anonymous, 2012 (France)


“I just wanted to thank all of the My.Kali team for everything they are doing. I discovered this magazine few years ago and since then I have been an avid reader. I watched My.Kali grow and I grew with it. This magazine gave me hope, gave me a reason to continue being who I am with my chin held up high. I hope you all take the time sometimes, when stress is at its utmost degree, to remember what a special group of people you are. You aren’t just making history, you are history.”
– Anonymous, 2013 (Jordan)


“Just wanted to say well done on the work with the magazine. Very refreshing to see something like this online!”
– Anonymous, 2011 (UK)


“I’m so thrilled you guys are doing this! It’s amazing and really makes me proud as a Jordanian living in NYC to come home and see things progressing bit by bit. It would be great if you had a section listing things/events to do in and around Amman that would be of interest to your readers. I was just reading in the Jordan Times today that a movie about transexuals in Pakistan was shown at a gallery. Very few people showed up. I would have loved to participate if I knew it was happening. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
– Anonymous, 2009 (Jordan)


“Hi. I’m a lesbian living in Jordan. Just wanna say thank you a lot for this mag, it’s really wonderful. I am so happy, cause finally I found a lot of people who had the same orientation (same gender) as I am.
And My.Kali, it’s wonderful to give us the space so we can share our ideas, experiences, and secrets. That’s wonderful on its own. Keep on going. Mwa, thanks Kali”
– Anonymous, 2010 (Jordan)


“I have read two issues so far, and plan to read them all! Well done and interesting, even to an older man. Again I say, this magazine is endlessly fascinating, well done, and informative; especially to me as a new(er) resident of Amman! Thanks for everything,”
– Anonymous, 2010 (Jordan)


“I’m a straight guy, living quietly without much going on in life, and honestly, just browsing, I’ve got to say your piece on one-sided love really affected me profoundly. It is true in every sense, and has helped me realize that I was suffering and in the throes of obsession, which could eventually spill over into something dangerous, and I must thank you, whole-heartedly and with much gratitude, for putting my situation into perspective.
Your words ring true and serve a wonderful purpose.”
– Anonymous, 2010 (US, Boston)


“Hi everyone on My.Kali.mag’s team! You guys are doing an awesome job! Im a gay African student currently studying in Moscow Russia. I found your magazine online and its great… Keep it RAINBOW!!”
– Anonymous, 2013 (Moscow, Russia)


“Wow didn’t see this coming! I am Jordanian who never lived in Jordan. I traveled the world and seen many gay scenes, and always was intrigued by the idea of a gay scene in Jordan and I found your magazine. I wanted to congratulate you for what you have achieved and hope one day in my visits to Jordan to get to know the person who did it. Keep it up”
– Anonymous, 2008 (Sweden)


“Hey guys,
This is the first time I know about your magazine. I took a look at it and it’s a wonderful. I’m a straight, open minded from Jordan and supports you. Congratulations and keep going”
– Anonymous, 2010 (Jordan)


“I loooooved the article in ‘Lesbo & The City’, loved every word of it, being a feminist myself (long before I realized I like women) I’ve never been seen as ‘normal’ by people in my society, specially and sadly, girls! They don’t think I’m a lady just because I dare to talk politics and question religious figures. Thanks for the lovely article”
– Anonymous, 2010 (Jordan)


“It is nice to read this magazine. It is nice to know that finally we got a gay one here in Jordan, hope the best for you and God bless you”
– Anonymous, 2008 (Syria)


“I am writing this letter to you firstly to congratulate you on your 3 year anniversary. I have been following your magazine online for the last two years. I’m part of the LGBT community in Jordan and I have eventually came out. You inspire me and inspire Jordan to be more of an open minded community.”
– Anonymous, 2011 (Jordan)


“Hope you are in the best of your health and spirits. First of all I would like to thank you for the amazing efforts you have put into this magazine, it is so important to have a gay magazine that talks and discuss the local issues of homosexuals, I’m a big fan and a loyal reader.”
– Anonymous, 2011 (Jordan)


“This is, by far the best gay website I’ve ever encountered with the most interesting articles and features as well as being so easily accessible. As an Italian American and as an aging hairdresser, I sympathized with Ahmad’s ‘Hair Loss Diary’. Wanted to tell him not to worry about anything, at 23, you’re still attractive, no matter what.
Ciao and all the best to you all.”
– Anonymous, 2011 (Italy, Roma)


“Hey… I just wanted to congratulate you for this amazing work… Even though sometimes it feels like you’re living in a different Amman than the one I live in, but I am glad this other Amman actually exists. I hope one day people would stop labeling, stop hating and controlling and let everyone be who they are. I wish you best of luck . Keep up the good work and really thanks for all your hard work. We need you guys.
– Anonymous, 2011 (Jordan)


“Hey guys a lovely cool mag. I’m not gay, but I support ya, hope ya all the luck and maybe soon you’ll get a chance to publish this cool Mag.
All the luck for ya.”
– Anonymous, 2009 (US, Washington DC)


“Hey, I must say, that it’s very impressive. It’s very overwhelming to finally see someone who speaks for us in public like this. The idea is incredibly brilliant and I just want to thank you for it.
Thank you again and take care.”
– Anonymous, 2008 (Jordan)


“Really, the site is awesome! I like it so much and I read some of the articles and it’s really touching, especially that it reminds me of some personal experiences of my own.”
– Anonymous, 2009 (Egypt, Alexandria)


“I just wanted to thank the magazine for an amazing job. This is the first step to make Jordan more open. I hope one day you guys can publish the magazine.”
– Anonymous, 2009 (Jordan)


“I just wanted to tell you guys that I read My.Kali religiously and I love it! You have talented people working on this, and it is obvious that a lot of hard work and effort is put into it. Can’t wait for the next issue! Keep it up, you are changing lives, opinions, and the world.”
– Anonymous, 2009 (Jordan)



Here at My.Kali, we’ve always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and we see our role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way. Make sure to send us your thoughts, yours feelings, support and suggestions (here)