“Everyone should wear white”

Your guide for the color white this season/life!


(Picture: Khalid is wearing an oxford white shirt, H&M. White skinny denim 
pants; Zara Man)


By Qutaiba Abdelhaq
Photographs by Hiba Judeh
Make-up by Amer Atta
Visual effects by Ala’a A.S.
Co-stylist/designer: Fadi Zumot
Location: At Anees Maani’s studio


“Everyone should wear white” she said as we discussed the scarf in the dressing room, I had to agree even though I knew she had horrible taste.

You’ve got to ditch the clumsy act and pull it together, that if you’re prone to spilling, at least for this season! YES! Head-to-toe white was the most noticeable trend to come off the catwalks this season. Trust us, a bright white suit is going to be essential to your summer wardrobe this time next year – we suggest you add in an accent color for interest, as seen at Costume National, Duckie, Brown, Agi & Sam, Jil Sander, and Astrid Andersen.

Mostly because I know for a fact that everyone can, and should wear white, regardless of complexion tone, body type, and color combinations. With that being said, I feel most compelled to share with you my list of “The white do’s and Don’ts”.


What’s My Do’s?


1. A plain, formal white dress shirt

Considered a universal icon for business, the white dress shirt knows no gender, as women and men of the business world have worn it for year, so for your next big interview, pick your fitted white shirt, for confidence, a brilliant first impression and style.


2. The Basic, the one and only

There is a good reason why we never heard anyone say, “Well, I have enough white tee’s, might as well buy crocs”. The 80’s witnessed the largest white tee and faded jeans movement, which led to iconizing this comfortable trend for many generations to come, and even when Kanye West tagged his own line of tees for a 120 US dollar a piece, we still like Kanye, and white t-shirts, separately nonetheless.


3. Run in white

The sportswear market is flooded with funky designs and epilepsy inducing colors, and that’s why the white Super Star line by Adidas Originals, or the Nike Air Force 1 are your best shot to show sophistication even when sweating like a pig. There was a clear sportswear influence running throughout the Spring/Summer collection of Emporio Armani. One outfit even saw white basketball-style shorts paired with a white t-shirt, zip-up track jacket and barrel bag for that ‘just off to the gym’ look.



“The white-on-white trend can work successfully, for those confident enough to try it.”



4. A pair of white Chuck Taylors

The unisex item that redefined sneakers, grunge and cool.  Get as many as you can, but you must always have that white pair for your blue jeans and everything else.



(Picture: Khalid is wearing a cropped top by Van Heusen, redesigned by Fadi 
Zumot for the shoot. Cut off pants by Retro from Splash. Burgundy faux 
leather shoes from H&M. Accompanied by artist and sculptor, Anees Maani in 
his natural habitat.)


“I love unfinished pieces. Up-close, you’ll notice the hems unfinished, decorated with flyaway threads. I would wear it any day out!” – Fadi


5. Over-sized whites

Any white drape dress shirt or over sized T-s and shirts will look great for a fresh and laid back appeal, wear them with a pari of skinnies and sandals when heading to the beach, casual hangout, art galleries and even at home. To compliment the look even further, you can add any Ancient roman or Greek themed accessories for more raw sexuality, but keep it simple, clean and casual.


white runway

(Picture: Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear. From left; Costume National, Duckie 
Brown, Agi & Sam, Jil Sander, Astrid Andersen.)
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