Our Most Devilish White,
Through Ideas And Beyond!


(Picture: Khalid is wearing a cropped top by Van Heusen, redesigned by Fadi 
Zumot for the shoot. Cut-off pants by Retro from Splash. Burgundy faux 
leather shoes from H&M. Accompanied by artist and sculptor, Anees Maani, in 
his natural habitat.)


By Qutaiba Abdelhaq
Photographs by Hiba Judeh
Make-up by Amer Atta
Visual effects by Ala’a A.S.
Co-stylist/designer: Fadi Zumot
Location: At Anees Maani’s studio


“Thank you, oh Lord, for the white bright light. A city rises from the sea. I had a splitting headache from which the future is made.” Jim Morrison

Humanity has progressed, and through that journey white has always been associated with innocence, purity and good, but what philosophers delved into through the vastness of their minds is a different perspective. Originating as the color of reflection, white has always been, and always will be, timeless and classic. As Coco Chanel once described it, “And white, too, their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” But the question is: why does the almighty white have both the divine and the underdog status? And how is it both flaunted and hidden?

It’s quite simple, white is one of the most versatile colors, pacifying the screaming colors, such as orange, hot red, and flowing seamlessly with calm colors, such as blue, purple and yellow, and above all, creating perfection with neutral colors such as, navy blue, grey and black. Another part of answering our ultimate question of white, the universe, and everything; is the variety of meanings held within the folds of every material, corner, and curve, white is both innocent and sly, religious and existential, and above all, grand beginnings and surrender.

But for the most part, white had the exposure of a king in the fashion universe, as fashion power hubs adapted and stabilized white as the ultimate color for many trends out there, the timeless white dress shirt by Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Hugo Boss, the checkered pencil skirt by Isaac Mizrahi NY, and the most sought after white bridal dresses by Ms. Vera Wang.

And the 2014 Milan fashion week witnessed daring and edgy designs; Gucci introduced white cuffs for the tight pants section, and mixed gold buttons for the military jacket and much more within their 2014 Fall/Winter collection.

And even though Gucci’s themed it white this fall, other houses abstained from including white in their lines this fall, such as Versace, Prada and Fendi, which made us optimistic and happy for their Spring/Summer collections (check out our best selections and inspirations for the color theme: Everyone Should Wear White!).

But used or not, white is our way of expressing our loudest thoughts into the masked emptiness of the so called innocent color, a duality of such intricate beauty, a duality that requires no understanding, but only the will to embrace whatever may come.


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The End


Article by Qutaiba Abdelhaq. Photographs by Hiba Judeh. Co-styled and designs by Fadi Zumot. Visial effects by Ala’a A.S. Make-up by Amer Atta. Model: Khalid. Location and accompanied by artist Anees Maani (studio)