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Jawanna’s Playlist


By Jawanna Sawalha

I recently “rediscovered” that the guy I have been pining over/sort of dated over the past two years was a complete waste of energy, love, and time. In order to move on music became my vice, and with the heartbreak I discovered all this amazing new music.

All my friends know that every month I seem to have this new artist obsession, and I usually become just a tiny bit insane when I love someone’s music and this month each one of these amazing artists were the key to mend my broken heart.

I drowned my sorrows with King Deco, drank till I forgot with Sia, and I cried on my balcony with Banks..



My Songs of the Month (Indie-Arabic)


•  Herzen – Soap Kills

•  I Want Her but I Don’t Want Her – Zahed Sultan

•  Saab – Telefreak

•  Mesh Gader – Autostrad

•  Bent El Hawa – Adonis


My Songs of the Month (English)


•  Ocean – King Deco

•  The Bedouin- Faisal Shukur

•  Wayfaring Starnger- Ed Sheeran

•  Papi Pacify- FKA Twigs

•  Run (LCAW Remix) – Daughter




My Monthly Dosage of Pop


•  Chandelier – Sia

•  I Can’t Stop Drinking About You – Bebe Rexha

•  Magic – Coldplay

•  I Will Never Let You Down- Rita Ora

•  White Teeth Teens- Lorde




My Gym Jams


•  The Man Who Never Lied- Maroon 5

•  Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo

•  Tous Les Memes- Stromae

•  Papaoutai – Stromae

•  Dernière Danse – Indila




My Must Listen-to Album of the Month (English)


King Deco

What’s so amazing about King Deco is that she is actually a Queen and not a King, her real name Dana Salah born and raised in Amman. She just happens to be my latest favorite artist. Despite the fact that she released her first EP, Tigris with three songs, I am expecting Salah as the next breakout star; she is currently based in New York City and working on more music. I suggest that everyone BUY the EP – using this link – instead of downloading it illegally, because this kind of talent is worth the money you are paying.


•  Ocean

•  One

•  Laila






After her song Waiting Game was used in a Victoria Secret commercial, this Banks has been releasing mind-blowing music. Her lyrics are so powerful but yet so simple, and listening to one song will push you into a powerful trance that will make it impossible for you to not stamp your feet. Her album Goddess is set to be released 3rd of June.


•  Before I Ever Met You

•  This is What it Feels Like

•  Brain





FKA Twigs

This very quirky and odd British artist is really one of a kind, and a definite favorite of mine for this month.  FKA Twigs, which stands for ‘Formerly Known As’ used to be a back up dancer for many big names like Jessie J. She was given the nickname Twigs because apparently her joints crack in an odd manner. She is extremely eerie, but she has managed to captivate me with her deep electro beats and odd flair.


•  Ultraviolet

•  How’s That

•  Ache




TBA’s ‘The TBA Collective’


•  Formidable – Charles Aznavour

•  That’s When You’ve Got Soul- Barbra & Brenda

•  The Sweetest Pain – Dexter Wansel

•  New Religion- Trifle

•  Gaudi- Sufani




My Videos of The Month


Bent El Hawa – Adonis

White Hinterland – Ring The Bell

FKA x Inc

Going Home – Pia Mia


The End


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