Photographed by Abdullah Dajani
Post-production and art direction by Reema du sam
Creative directed by Khalid Abdel-Hadi
Styled by Fadi Zumot
Character: Saleem Haddad

Make-up by Yara Shawabkeh
Amman – Jordan


He photographic series “A Desire for Men” is a meditative journey that takes as its starting point the state of cognitive dissonance resulting from a clash between firm religious beliefs and same-sex desire.

The polarity between both identities generates a sense of discomfort, but also a grey zone that comes to be a fertile ground for artistic exploration.

At an attempt to deconstruct this enigma, the artist revisits religious text that had haunted him as a teenager and probes the scope for transcendence.

In doing so, he forges a space for both dialogue and contemplation, moving from a situation of suppression and conflict to a state of possible reconciliation and coexistence.

Ultimately, “A Desire for Men” is an invitation to reconsider deep-seated assumptions surrounding sexuality, religion and identity, and question what hegemony has defined as “normal.”


About the artist: Reema du Sam is a multidisciplinary artist from Jordan. Born on the border between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, (s)he operates within a non-binary realm that exists inside a conventional social construct. Reema explores topics of gender, identity, sexuality and social relationships as a reaction to the surrounding environment. (s)he participated in several regional conferences and workshops related to gender and feminism. du Sam’s work was exhibited in Jordan, Czech Republic and Germany.