We have started work on our next issue on the theme of weddings and marriage. We look forward to publishing your written articles, art works, designs, and photography related to how women, gender, and LGBTIA+ individuals from the Middle East and North Africa understand and deal with marriage, weddings, social pressures surrounding it, ways to get around it, and its potential place in or effect on social and political change.


Submission details:

  • For written work, we are looking for texts from 750-1200 words.
  • For photography, art work and design, you can either submit ready work with a concept note or email us directly and we can let you know of what the writers are working on to inspire customized work.
  • Please send an abstract no less than 200 words to the magazine before beginning your written piece. This should include (a) the angle you want to cover, (b) the reason for choosing the topic and/or the angle, and (c) what it might add to the conversation about the topic (in other words, what makes it unique).
  • Our editors will work directly with the writers to finalize the pieces before publishing.


Visuals & Arts

Visual work may include photography, illustrations, drawings, designs, digital painting, etc. that relate to this issue’s topic and any concept notes or abstracts you would like to accompany include. This work may have been produced previously or for this issue specifically. We also welcome photos from family wedding archives as an art submission, as long as all parties consent that they can be published in My.Kali

Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage everyone to produce their works from their homes. Get creative and be experimental.


For more information/submissions, please email us at:

You can also contact us via the contact us page


Featured image: Youssef Nabil



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