Photography and concept by Youssef Sherif
Model Ismaïl 
Styling: Youssef Sherif and Ismaïl 
This article is part of the “Emigration & Desolation” issue


I turned the camera on my neighborhood in Cairo, where I walk daily to showcase its life and diversity. The vibe of the area shifts from Islamic, with prayer carpets from balconies, to something completely different in only a 5 minutes walk. I phoned my friend who is also from the area and asked if he could model, and we documented our childhood through this shoot. This was my 2020. How was yours?

About the artist:
Youssef Sherif is an Egyptian photographer based in Cairo. He uses photography to visualize his thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and is interested in fashion and fine art photography. See his work in a few magazines such as VogueItalia, Phmuseum, Iconicartistmagazine, as well as Kaltblut Magazine, Venomous Magazine, Jdeed Magazine, MilleWorld and Cairoscene

Check out his Instagram (@usfsherif) to see these features and keep up with his most recent work.