Analog Photos : Kopa Dawid
Model : Salma Zahore
Artistic Director : Hadi Moussally
Fashion Stylist : Fausto Leoni
Assistant Artistic Director : Olivier Pagny
Assistant Stylist : Giacomo Presezzi
Assistant : Mary Hanna
This article is a supplement within “The Wawa Complex” issue

The word ayb “عيب-Ayb”  translates to “shame” or “disgrace.” Deeply ingrained in Arab culture, this term is often mobilized to enforce social expectations and moral standards, dictating what is considered acceptable or not.

Conducted in collaboration between Hadi Moussally, Kopa Dawid, Fausto Leoni, and Salma Zahore, “Ayb عيب/Shame” recreates images of the 19th Century Levant, casting a unique, modern, and queer light on the historical narrative. 

The tantoor (طنطور), a cone-shaped women’s headdress that was popular in the Levant at the time, is one central element of the shoot. Each look recreates, transforms, and queer this piece to challenge the social norms of the time – particularly the gender norms and expectations associated with it. 

The collection demonstrates how complex these norms are and celebrates the diversity of expression. And, it provokes reflection on how these norms are culturally produced, reinterpreted, and reclaimed over time.

Salma Zahore is wearing a black multi-position cape by Lluis Colom and a rose applique by Victor Von Schwarz

Salma Zahore is wearing a black dress by Lluis Colom

Salma Zahore is wearing a white asymmetrical dress by Emmartiga

Salma Zahore is wearing a jacket and pants by Emmartiga

Salma Zahore is wearing a jacket and pants by Emmartiga