Dear readers and followers,

This month Thirteen years ago, we pressed the button that launched My.Kali magazine, the magazine and platform you have come to know. For those of you who have been there since day one, you have watched us evolve and grow in the past couple of years. We’d like to start this letter by thanking you for your support and loyalty through it all. We couldn’t have reached where we have reached without you. And for those of you who joined us post May 2016, particularly our Arab content readers after the launch of My.Kali in Arabic in May 2016, it’s a pleasure to have you as a reader and a follower, and to be able to be a part of your lives everyday.

Since the beginning, My.Kali has been a predominantly a queer/feminist effort. When the idea of My.Kali first knocked on our door in September/October 2007, we were both in our teens. The magazine was born out of the need to create virtual spaces that are inclusive, feminist, queer, and free of judgement. We strongly believe and still believe that if we don’t tell our region’s stories, someone else will, and it won’t be the same. Leading us and many others to a publication that is dedicated to documenting our stories and experiences, our voices and bodies, and having more publications and platforms that are narrated by the queer and feminist community in the Middle East, North Africa, diaspora and immigrants from the region. 

Happy Birthday


You can share your memories with My.Kali, which will be shared via our social media, (while protecting your identity and privacy, no names will be mentioned) via our Contact us page or via email:

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