Words and photography by Xara
Modeled by Solin
This article is part of the “The Wawa Complex” issue

Content warning ⚠️ : This piece features blood and nudity images.

Celebration of menstruation means
eradicating shame. In re-earthing blood, 
she is re-programming shame into pride.

To be a woman who bleeds.

She created a culture that embraced menstrual huts and moon lodges
and viewed womanhood and periods as divine and sacred.

Every 28 days on full moon day – she is celebrated by the whole community.
They called her Tapu – the sacred period,
Patriarchy later transformed her name to Taboo.

She viewed her body as an extension of earth.
A pure celebration and gratitude as her womb became a conduit
between the stars and the land.

She experienced her womb, blood, and milk as ecstatic, blissful,
healing, and orgasmic. 
An experience that has been torn out by patriarchy. 

She is a wealthy natural resource for her community. 
Her pleasure is neither a commodity nor a reward. 
Her pleasure is their power