To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of, few of the meanings of rejection. A noun that most people in the show business struggle/ed with. What can you tell us about rejection? And can you tell our readers who find it difficult to accept themselves and feel rejected by society or culture?
Rejection is gold, it is very important, as it’ll make you rethink your strengths and work harder on yourself and become better. Rejection makes you stronger .


What makes you cry? Maybe a certain moment that you could recall…
I am an emotional reck, a very emotional person, I tear easily, I tear when my baby’s sick, I tear when I say goodbye to people, airport cryer, hahaha… I get affected easily.


Referring to the movie (Man of the year) we have seen how a comedian (Robin Williams) can change the world with their mindset and their ideas. What changes do you aspire to make?
When we started Bath Bayakha, we didn’t aspire to make a change, we just wanted to make people laugh and make then experience comedy they relate to. So I can’t say I can make change, it’s just that life in Jordan is difficult, and can be frustrating, so making fun of it will help decrease its heavy toll.


What precautions do you take to keep your private life private? We all know that Amman is such a small city; chances are you might run into people you’re avoiding, fans/stalkers are very high. How do you handle the fame and its consequences?
No precautions, I love my fans, I still get a tinge of happiness when someone recognizes me, or take a picture with me, people here are very sweet when it comes to this, they express how proud they are and that just makes me happier and driven to do more, so I don’t do precautions, I owe people a lot so I won’t disappear from them, because they are the people that made me famous.


If you could give one bit of advice, inspiration, or encouragement to our creative and wonderful LGTB readers, what would it be?
I am no one to give advise, but I would say just be who you really are, and do only what you really love, because you’ll definitely excel in it, and always keep a positive attitude no matter what.


The End


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