The universe is constructed upon strange physics! Physics that are remotely close to the perfect equilibrium, maybe more! All things are in balance, for every action, if you want to get Newtonian about it, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In nature, in politics, in the social structure. For every wrong, a right. For every princess, a prince. And for every cat, a dog. But when it comes to Jordan, there’s only one Rania Kurdi, and a one that never fails to conquer!

Taking a drive to meet Ms. Kurdi at her house for the My.Kali interview was a day dream battlefield! I never knew that driving and thinking could be so intense! A group of questions held together, as by wrapping me with a hazy status! I was baffled between nervousness and excitement, till I reached jubilant! I must’ve juggled all three at least a hundred times before reaching my destination. One minute I was in traffic-jammed and commotional Amman, and the next I was cornered in one of the quietest, serenest places I’ve ever been to. The road to Dead Sea can cast you in a happy mood. Rania seems to be in a much comfortable state in her life, settling in a home, and rather away from the city, nesting in a house she and her husband have built together, one, to be near her parents, and second, where she and her husband could raise their two beloved children, along with what seems to be a runaway dog, who has its own state of mind! “I like living far out because it’s unmoving, it’s not so easy with the distance, if I want to go shopping or find nearby stores, it makes me think, can I be bothered to go or not… it’s not helpful, but it’s worth it because of the quiet.” She remarked later.

And on a sultry Saturday afternoon on a Christmasy December, I find myself experiencing random chills, sitting still in my car, parked in her drive way for few minutes, still baffled! Then I see Rania waving to me from the kitchen’s door. She seems to be less formal around me, and more nonchalant-like, something I noticed about her from day one.


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